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Go Forwards

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Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen.” Matthew 28: 19-20

Maybe the verse is self-explanatory? Then yet over the years, I have discovered everything has deeper truths. I am hoping you are already a Christian reading this, if not, perhaps this isn’t the read for you based on what we are going to talk about today.

I think a lot of us have the mindset that this is talking about ministers, preachers, and speakers. That for the rest of us, this doesn’t apply. For over the years, personally, this is what I have seen. I have been this person even. Held it all back. Never sharing Jesus with strangers to even among friends. As if almost afraid to speak Jesus's name because it isn’t seen as ‘politically correct’ — to speak Jesus's name in public — which is wild how we have allowed this to develop. 

America was founded In God We Trust!  While maybe other countries do not have that as their motto, many at least believe that and have God has their foundation. If not as a country, individually at heart.

To be afraid to speak about Jesus is saying to Jesus you wish not to know Him. When He comes again, how awful would it be if Jesus came up to you and said, “I never knew you, go away.” It would hurt deeply, but can’t we see this is how He feels if we do this in public? It’s like saying I know you, but not really proud to know you. But how often do we do this? Have a moment to speak about Him, but hold back because we are afraid of how someone may respond? For myself, I know a little too often. Which is sad to say the least. 

“Whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.” Matthew 12:50

That last verse embodies a lot. But the key part to notice is — ‘the will of my Father in heaven…’  As in, a Christian’s life should have active outreach. Speaking of how Jesus has and still heals, saves, and protects us. You then hear ‘whoever does the will…’ — meaning anybody is qualified and able to do Gods will.

Today’s man-made establishments — referring to churches — hint a lot that only a priest, minister, or pastor can baptize someone. Now please don’t take that the wrong way. I'm all about churches and getting together to worship Jesus. Jesus actually started the church. Jesus is the heart of church. In heaven, church still takes place, which is another converstaion. But people run churchs.

As we all can probably agree, we have flaws. Meaning we are not perfect. It's why when someone looks in on a church, they see so many 'flaws.' We simply are not perfect beings. We only can try our best. 

We are a chain that is endless. If one link in the chain is broken, we won't function as well. Thus we help each other grow in Jesus, so our chain is stronger than ever.  A church is a spiritual hospital. No soul in there is perfect and flawless, besides Jesus. A church not built on Jesus's Words, is a church already in ruin. But to get back on topic (haha) 

Let’s listen to the verse again — “Go…make disciples…baptize… educate…” Can’t we all do this though? There was no titles listed to be qualified. How many of us think/feel, that until you complete the steps to gain such an authorized degree you are not able to complete such a task? From this, I believe greatly it has made many of us feel like it’s not our job to do any of it. To be disciples of Jesus. As in go out and speak about Jesus and minister to those who need Jesus most. We think and maybe feel we aren’t qualified enough. But this is not true. Not true at all. It’s the biggest lie ever told. Your testimony of how Jesus daily saves you, is the most powerful message you could ever tell; ever preach. 

Anyone who does the Fathers will is able to do mightly wonderous things! His Holy Spirit will guide you. I think this is where it begins to get really beautiful. Jesus empowers anyone who gives their will to be used. He takes the unqualified and makes qualified.

To just be clear and transparent here. I believe deeply for any of this application to be true reality. It takes an active Christian. As in the more you study Jesus words, His Bible, and pray, the more you see how much need is needed in the world to know Him. From this, the action is pushed forth in all who listen to Jesus words and embody them as their own. To the point, you begin just glowing and going forwards shining Jesus's light to all you come across. You simply cannot help it. Now, this is where it gets even more awesome.

“For He shall give His angels charge over you, To keep you in all your ways.” Psalms 91:11

This summarizes the first verse but also echoes even more. Angels go before us. Meaning, we are partnering up with Heaven. This means the times you feel like you should talk about Jesus and don’t. You’re hurting God cause. For God already sent angels ahead of you to get their hearts ready. Now you just need to speak what Jesus has done personally in your life. Plant the seed and you played your part:) 

I believe this deeply. We try to speak about what Jesus did in the bible, what He has done for someone else — but forget what he has done for us. Our personal testimony is our biggest tool. Your hurt damaged past is your life given power to help save souls. Like, it’s easy to talk about what you know. And I know you know your life. So now reflect back, pray, and find all the places Jesus was helping you.

You may and probably will find in time where He has been with you all along. There hasn't been a day that has gone by where Jesus wasn't next to you helping you in all his power. Simply trying to save your soul from evil. Your eyes just may have been spiritually blinded so you could not see Him at work.

But now you will be able too, promise. By being mindful, prayerful, and daily going to Jesus for guidance. Open the spiritual door by believing Jesus is right here, right now next to you; angels are; we are never alone. As you do this, watch what begins happening in your life. You hold a key to save someone soul. Stop thinking it’s someone else job. No, it’s your job if you want it to be.

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