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Life With Jesus

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 Who of us holds onto someone higher than ourselves? Maybe another way of asking this question is: who of us sees someone as our role leader; our icon; our hero? What did they have to do to gain this level of respect in your life? Was it purely something admirable? Perhaps they made you feel a certain way? They helped you become a better you maybe? Have you ever gotten to meet this person in real life yet? 

Perhaps all these factors into your hero role model. Have you ever begin to study any of these great people? What have you discovered?

I have discovered, in time, we find they struggle in life also; that they aren't as picture perfect as we once thought. That they are just like us who shine in the talent God has given them. While they still struggle, question, and get confused and lost along the way of what we call life. 

Does this change the way we view them once we know they aren't as perfect as we once thought? Sometimes it can. But don't we usually still love them for them? After all, they have helped us laugh, see the world differently, to use the world around us in a different way. So we forgive their failures and hold onto the good as best as possible. 

Yet once all is said and done, we still find they are just like us, human. With all of life's troubles, stresses, and ups and downs. We begin to learn, no one is perfect; they are only perfect by us giving compassion as we see them. By us understanding nobody is perfect, it helps us understand we are missing something that can help us be perfect, but what? 

Well once we go to the life of Jesus we find quickly what secret made him perfect. Jesus is the only human to ever live to be called perfect in Gods sight. But how did he do this? His active prayer life was key. His active time spent in Gods words was key. We see that His relationship with his Father set the stage for being spotless. What does this mean for us though? What is happening deeper behind the scenes?

We learn Jesus put his trust not in people, but in his father. He still respected those around him, but he put his utmost trust in God. How did this ever happen though? I mean to say, how could one trust someone they do not see? How could Jesus build such a trusting relationship with his father that Jesus did his fathers will? 

It goes back to the key part of his life. An active prayer life. An active time spent in learning Gods words and learning what God did in the past for others who trusted in the Lord. Knowing Gods love would do the same for his life. 

I think we all think Jesus had an easy life, but this isn't true. He faced everything we face. Was tempted, tried, and felt hurt as we all do. In many aspects his faced more than some of us will ever have to face. The difference that is painted in time is he carried with him a spiritual life. Within that, he trusted in the spiritual side of life more than the physical and mental. What do I mean? 

We could break life down into 3 major realities in a lot of ways. We have the spiritual world. We have the scientific, factual knowledgeable based mental side, then we have the physical world. They all connect to each other once we develop an awareness of all sides of reality.

On a mental side to a physical side, we are connected by default. But until we invite Jesus into our lives, although the spiritual side is always alive and active, we go unaware of any of it happening until Jesus slowly opens our eyes through the Holy Spirit being in our lives. 

If we studied daily the biggest topics of the world; in time, we would be known as pretty knowledgable. If we worked out daily and ate healthy foods on top of that, slowly people would notice we take really good care of our bodies.

This also now comes true on the spiritual side of life. By having a daily active prayer life with Jesus, in time our whole lives change into his image. The fruits of the spirit become active in our lives. Spiritual matters become understandable, and we see that the spiritual world is alive. We learn that we can trust Jesus with our lives. Jesus becomes our hero. Jesus becomes the person who sees us in perfect love and gives us grace to His father to see us as perfect, and puts us on a recovery program to become more like him, Jesus. 

In ending, if you walk away from anything from reading this I hope it is this. By having a daily active prayer life with Jesus, and active daily devotional time with Jesus; Jesus goes and takes all this to His father and God sees us in perfect light. Daily Jesus helps us grow more and more like Him. He sends his Holy Spirit to help guide us and help us get through this life. That once we begin to trust in the spiritual side, Jesus, we learn there isn't a day Jesus hasn't help us get through it. That the time's trouble comes and we panic, are the times we are trusting in ourselves or trusting in nobody. We are forgetting to look up and pray and tell Jesus to help.To trust in Jesus over all else.

In this, I believe with all my heart, this is how Jesus walked on earth and got through everything that happened. He looked up to His father, called for help, and God sent Him inspirational words, reminders, and these helped Jesus keep walking forwards in grace, love, and guidance. But Jesus only could use this tool if you will, by him taking the time to study Gods words to know His voice. By opening up His heart to His Father God, Creator of all living things, and slowly learning what Gods purpose was for Jesus. 

(Side note) 

Can you imagine the day Jesus understood who he was? Like can you even imagine how that day must have been? To days and days after to what that meant. That he is a part of the God-head.

Like I get the picture, while on earth, he slowly understood all this more and more. Which we are told at age 12, he knew in part who he was. I say in part based off this. Which is beautiful I believe. 

Jesus in my daily life has always been the teacher. But the teacher who meets me where I am and slowly teaches more and more of who he is; and to what I should be doing in my life. I get the same impression, this is how God was with Jesus. He slowly guided and taught Him everything. But it was a daily process. Not a one moment and bang, I know everything I will ever need to know about God, about my purpose in life, and so on. 

Our relationship with Jesus is incredibly special and I hope and pray we all work daily on connecting to Jesus even more. That as we grow with Jesus we will share our testimony with each other so we all can grow together in Jesus.

Thank you, 




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